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Bandhavgarh tiger Safari
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If you’re a fan of wildlife, then Bandhavgarh National Park is a must visit place for you. Located in Umaria, Madhya Pradesh, the national park was established in 1968 and had total area of 105 sq. km while today the core area Bandhavgarh National Park spans over694 sq. Kms with an additional area of 437 sq. km including jungles of Umaria and Katni . The tiger population of Bandhavgarh is one of the largest in India so it comes as no surprise that Bandhavgarh tiger safari tops the “to- visit” list of most of the tourists who want to lose themselves in the lap of nature.

Tidbits about Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari and National Park:

This park is a heaven for tiger lovers, but tigers are not the only attraction here. The breathtaking flora and fauna, attractive, colorful birds, rare mammals and butterflies, together add to the overall aroma of this place.

Though this place is sprawling over a huge area, only a small portion of it is actually open to tourists. Even though the figure might be small in comparison but tourists are rarely ever disappointed and usually get to greet the yellow, agile animal.

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The park remains closed during the national holidays and festivals. Also, the place is thrown open to visitors from October to around mid of June.

Interested in visiting Bandhavgarh, avail easy planning with Bandhavgarh Safari online booking:

Planning your tour of Bandhavgarh is quite easy with the online booking features available today. Respecting the rush of the season, the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh opened its gate to online bookings. Now an eager tourist can book the safari tickets online and enjoy a Jeep ride through the lush forest which is home to a huge variety of birds and animals. However, there are a few things which need to be kept in mind while booking Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari online.

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Now, if you’re looking to go for Bandhavgarh Safari online booking, then you must first and foremost choose a site which is government affiliated or is really reliable and has a strong customer feedback. Jungle roads have proved itself to be such a site, and has garnered positive reviews. The Bandhavgarh Safari online booking means that you will have to pay a certain amount of money beforehand. So, put your money where you can trust it to be safe.

Another important thing to jot down is that these bookings do not include the occasional elephant rides, Vehicle Rents or the guide fee, these will have to be paid separately. And yes, it is a must to take a guide or a trained naturalist along on such safaris.

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Also, there are certain details like name, I.D proof, nationality proof etc. which is required if you intend to go for Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari. So, don’t forget to carry your photo identification card and fill in all the details required carefully while you do Bandhavgarh Safari online booking.


If you are animal enthusiastic, a nature lover or just love the thrill of going on a Safari in an open Jeep then this place is for you. Book your tour online and get ready to experience one of the best safaris of your life with the Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari and enjoy the grandeur of Mother Nature with your loved ones, and yes, don’t forget to click away.

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