Kankati – One eyed beauty of Bandhavgarh

Kankati – The Tigress Queen of Bandhavgarh passes away for heavenly abode

The roars of Kankati Tigress, aka Vijaya of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve will not be heard anymore. Her dead body was found in the Charan Ganga water body near the Tala zone entry gate on Wednesday 6th August 2014. Kankati is presumed to be the grand-daughter of the renowned Tiger couple Sita and Charger. She was over 7 years old and has been the prime attraction of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve ruling the Chakradhara Meadows (The Tiger Country) for over 4 years.

The exact cause of her death is still not known but injury marks have been found on her neck and it is presumed to be due to territorial infighting with another Tiger of the national park. The real reason shall be known after the post mortem report is received. Grapevines suggest that this may be a revenge killing by the fully grown male cub of the late Tigress Langdi who was killed by Kankati in another territorial fight back in 2011. The said Tiger had earlier killed both the cubs of Kankati’s first litter also, after which Kankati went to a state of oblivion for around a year. She had also lost one of her eyes during the fight with Langdi but had emerged victorious this year when she delivered her second litter for over last 4 years.


Tiger lovers and the park visitors were happy when she was first sighted with her three cubs in March 2014 and a number of visitors including our guests and my family members were lucky to see the sweet little cubs with the mother. We were eagerly waiting for the park to reopen in October after monsoons to get a glimpse of the cubs with their mother and were shocked to hear this bad news yesterday. We pray for the safety of three of her 5 months old cubs that are still missing and wish for a peaceful life after death for her.  May her soul Rest In Peace.

Kankati – You were a darling and will always be missed……..alokesharma




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