Tigers of Bandhavgarh

Not many Tigers have been able to achieve a reputation as awesome as the one that has gone the way of the majestic male Tiger of Bandhavgarh called CHARGER. During nineties, Charger happened to be the most popular and utmost feared Tiger, for the forest officers, residents and tourists of Bandhavgarh.

As suggested by his name, Charger was so called because of his intuitive habit to charge at vehicles and forest elephants which came too close for his comfort. Behaviour of a Tiger varies at different moods and with different individuals  and Tiger lovers, did not object to this behaviour of Charger. Infact, with time his threatening charges were accepted as a natural characteristic of this dominating big cat of Bandhavgarh.

He is remembered by forest authorities, tourists, guides, naturalists and gypsy drivers, for a number of encounters which they have had with Charger quite a few of which were scary and petrifying but the fact which remains remembered is no human was ever injured in any of his mock charges.

It is learnt that Charger was earlier known as PP Singh. It wasn’t because he was named after some forest officer or a field director whose name scared the forest guards but because he had once charged so viciously at an elephant carrying some tourists that one of the terrified group members had lost control of his penile muscle, and let go to make the elephant’s body feel wet.

Charger held his huge territory covering almost all the zones of the jungles of Bandhavgarh for around 10 years and after contributing to a number of litters, died naturally of old age and weakness on 29th September 2000. Like any other Tiger, before his death, he also faced a lot of trouble in hunting and infighting with other male Tigers of Bandhavgarh but that is a part and parcel of what all Tigers in the wild go through.

To keep him alive forever at Bandhavgarh, the forest authorities have put up a memorial in his name in the Magadhi zone where he rests in peace.

Charger memorial at Bandhavgarh
Charger memorial at Bandhavgarh



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