Jungle Machaan

Waterhole Machaan Census

Waterhole Machaan Census:

Buddha Purnima is not only about celebrating Gautam Buddha’s birthday. Its a very special day for jungles in India as every year, on this day of summer, many jungles conduct a 24 hour long session for counting of wild animals visiting water holes to quench their thirst during the day and the full moon night. Select set of volunteers, NGOs and forest staff spend their entire day (and night) on a machaan-top near the multiple water holes in the jungles.

This year again the waterhole machaan census shall be conducted in the jungles of India on Buddha Purnima day on 4th May 2015. In Maharashtra, a lot of excitement is visible from the large number of applications received for participation in the waterhole machaan census to be conducted in Tadoba, Sillari (Pench), Bor, Umred-Karhandla and other jungles.

Team JungleRoads wishes all the volunteers a great day on 4th and hope to hear a lot of good news on the increased count of Tigers and other animals in jungles – their own house



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