Kanha National Park

  • Gondia, Madhya Pradesh, India

Explore Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is located in Madhya Pradesh, India and is considered to be one of the most beautiful and better managed Tiger Reserves in the country. Created in 1955, Kanha National Park is spread over 1949 square kilometres and is the largest National Park declared as a Tiger Reserve in 1973.

Kanha Tiger Reserve experiences extreme weathers with temperature ranging from 22°C to 42°C in summers and from 0°C to 22°C in winters. The park remains closed for tourists from 1st July to 15th October every year during monsoons.

Grand Tiger Resort


Grand Tiger Resort is located at a distance of 1.1Kms from the Mukki Gate of Kanha National Park. The resort is spread over an area of around 3 acres and is surrounded by lush green forest filled with Sal and Bamboo tress.

Fauna at Kanha National Park

It is said that the fauna of Kanha National Park is one of the best across all forests in Asia and was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. Sighting of Tigers is not very rare in Kanha Tiger Reserve and just one glance of the majestic big cat changes the childhood perception about the Tiger depicted as the nasty Sher Khan of the Mogli's jungle. Sighting a Tiger in the wild is an experience, which people carry with them for their lifetime, enticing them to visit Kanha again..back again. Kanha National Park is home to a number of wildlife species including the Royal Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Wild Dogs, Foxes, Jackals, Sloth Bears, Hard Ground Barasingha (Swamp Deer) - the jewel of Kanha. Other species found here include Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Nilgai (Blue Bull), Hyena, Wolves, Langurs, Wild Boars, Civets, Porcupines and Indian Gaur. Various species of Turtles, Reptiles and Snakes also inhabit the park in large numbers.

Flora at Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is home to over 1000 species of flowering plants. A deciduous jungle, in a lowland forest is predominantly formed of Sal and Bamboo trees. Large areas of open grasslands have been developed by relocating the villages from the area and making the jungle suitable for wildlife expansion. Presence of a wide variety of aquatic plants attract a large number of migratory birds from outside India to Kanha making these open grasslands sound chirpy all throughout.

Birding at Kanha National Park

Inspite of being a deciduous forest, the tropical weather at Kanha National Park makes it an adorable place for bird watchers. Over 200 species of birds of different varieties including Raptors, Ground Nesting Birds, Aquatic and Nocturnal Birds make every morning of the park a cheerful morning.

Experience Kanha Jungle Safari

Around 20% of Kanha National Park is open for tourists and Wildlife Safari is allowed in registered open gypsys in pre-set routes. For the tourists, the park is divided into 4 zones - Kanha, Kisli, Mukki and Sarhi. Like other Tiger Reserves, Kanha Tiger Reserve is also famous for its Jungle Safari in open jeep/gypsy for which the park entry tickets need to be booked in advance. For gypsy safari, the park permits entry only after sunrise and exit before sunset and so the timings tend to change with the season. In winters, the morning safari is conducted from around 6.15 am to 10.15 am and the evening safari is from around 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm. During summers, the morning safari is conducted from around 5.15 am to 9.15 am and the evening safari is from around 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm. During the jungle safari in the forest, every jeep/gypsy is accompanied by a trained naturalist / guide who helps the guest interpret the jungle.

Kanha National Park is located in Balaghat and Mandla districts of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is around 240 Kms from Jabalpur and 275 Kms from Nagpur.

How to reach Kanha National Park

Air: Airports close to Kanha Tiger Reserve are Jabalpur (245Kms), Raipur (250Kms) and Nagpur (275Kms)

Rail: Railway stations close to Kanha Tiger Reserve which are very well connected to all major railway stations in India are Gondia (160Kms), Jabalpur (245Kms) and Raipur (250Kms)

Road: Kanha Tiger Reserve is very well connected by road with various locations including Pench - 3 hours (145Kms), Gondia - 3 hours (160Kms), Jabalpur - 5 hours (245kms), Raipur - 5 hours (250Kms), Nagpur - 6 hours (275 Kms), Bandhavgarh - 6 hours (320Kms), Pachmarhi - 7 hours (400Kms)