• Purpose of a vacation?
  • Vacation in which you can actually relax yourself and not get extra tired?
  • Imagine not having the stress of months of planning and searching for the best packages for suitable accommodations during the busiest times of the year.
  • Why not put an end to the madness and discover the way vacationing should be!
  • Vacation Ownership Plan makes it affordable to treat yourself and your family to vacations every year from the extraordinary to the exotic!

Luxury Vacations Every Year

  1. Significant absorption of escalating Holiday accommodation costs.
  2. Commitment to Quality time with family - Compelling Emotional benefit.
  3. Variety of holiday experiences through their own club or through the facility to swap their weeks.
  4. Home away from home.
  5. Thus Vacation Plan …adds value to your Timeshare by providing:

Unlike renting a pricey hotel room with rates escalating year after year, buying a timeshare enables you and family to lock in at today's Rupees and realize a lifetime of dream vacations for as long as you own the vacation property. For less than the amount which you would have spent on other expensive hotels and resorts. Stop throwing away your money on hotels and rented vacation Property ! Buying Bandhavgarh Meadows Vacation Ownership Plan helps you in an incredible way to travel and see the world!

Owning vacation interval makes good financial sense in today's time. Timeshare owners are delighted when they check out at the end of their week's stay, because their bill is ZERO! (And zero for the rest of their lives because they own their accommodation). You can enjoy vacation ownership plans for as long as you'd like and if there ever comes a time when you wish to change and you no longer want to vacation yearly, you can always sell, rent or donate your vacation ownership plan or simply give the week away to family or friends. One of the most appreciated gifts you can give someone is that of a week at a luxurious resort. Deeded timeshares can also be willed to loved ones making it possible for generations of your family to enjoy the benefits of timeshare ownership. What a wonderful legacy to leave to your family and future generations!

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