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About Us

Village Machaan Resort is one of the best resorts in Pench and offers world class hospitality services to its guests. Superior services and natural ambience offered by us make us the most heavily visited and liked resort in Pench. Village Machaan Resort offers most exciting Pench wildlife holiday tour packages in India and offers a comfortable and entertaining stay to its guests. We offer world class luxury at Pench with five star facilities and accommodation at very affordable rates.

Village Machaan Resort at Pench National Park is a unique jungle resort which gives true jungle feel. Resort has been developed on lines of a Jungle Resort where Luxury and Natural Feel have been amicably balanced. The resort is incomparable to any other Resorts in Pench National Park or Hotels in Pench National Park since the resort gives a feeling of staying in Jungle itself. Numerous tall trees and shrubs grown through the resorts boundaries and passage way makes you feel as if you are roaming around in jungle itself. Quiet, peaceful and serene surroundings with the constant chirping of birds and singing of nightingale leaves one spellbound and mesmerized.

Village Machaan Resort has magnificently balanced luxury with natural ambiance. One relaxes in the arms of nature with all basic amenities needed for staying comfortably and close to nature. All rooms and cottages have an ethnic look. The restaurant area is surrounded by huge Bamboo trees to give one a feeling of deep jungle. The accommodation has thatched roofs and tall trees all around which again add to the charm of jungle stay. A stay at Village Machaan Resort will leave you spell-bound and you would crave for coming back to this Jungle oasis recurringly.

We offer pure jungle stay packages too which are very exciting and adventurous for tourists. Our resort in Pench National Park is based on British era with Victorian styled cottages having thatched roofs. This allows our guests to experience a stay in wilderness while being close to the protected areas and nature reserves at the same time. This package is one of our most liked Pench holiday packages.

Our Resort in Pench National Park is spread across 20 acres of wilderness and is surrounded by electrified fencing to ensure that you have a safe and secure stay in our lavish cottages and have the experience of living in a wild and natural environment. We have mountain range of the Pench on the one side of our resort along with a seasonal pebbled river bed stretching side by side. Our team at Village Machaan Resort comprises of wildlife experts, competent hospitality staff and local inhabitants who are a perfect example of how humans peacefully co-exist with wildlife.

We are sure that your stay at our resort and your experiences here will increase your love for nature and provide you an unforgettable cost-effective life time experience. To make your experience more knowledgeable and insightful, we provide a dedicated guide to you who takes you for wildlife viewing and for walk in villages.

We invite you to come and experience true beauty of jungle and relax in our cozy accommodation at Pench National Park. We assure you that it is a perfect spot for those who love nature or want to move away for a few days from busy city life.