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Jungle Safari in Pench National Park

When people think of Jungle safari in India, Pench is the destination that comes to mind. Nothing comes even close to jungle safari tours when it is about peace and excitement at the same time. Travelling through the jungles of a Pench experiencing and observing its wildlife is the apex form of tourism compared to none. Village Machaan Resorts has a lot to offer when it comes to the safari tours. Pench has tigers, Elephants, jaguars, and what not.

When it comes to Pench, Village Machaan Resorts is the leading in hosting wild life travelers and organizing wild life safari. Our history of more than 1000 safaris has transformed us into a wildlife expert. Our safaris are designed in a way to leave minimal effect on the environment, wildlife or the locals.

Our safaris are more exhaustive and in sync with relieve and interest of our tourists. Itineraries are designed to provide highest coverage of the wild. Our guides are professionals and are experts in the field of wildlife tourism. We are the most chosen destination on according to Trip advisor reviews.

Jungle Safari BirdsEnter the thick Pench forests and let the journey begin. But hurry! Quite a few of the characters from The Jungle Book have already paid our Tiger Resort a visit. That's thanks to the inviting lush palms, araucaria and hibiscus, the adjoining natural forest and of course, the small stream that completes this picture perfect view. The natural charm of this famous wildlife setting is well preserved and awaits your arrival.

Remember, each of our cottages has a personal 'Machaan'/gazebo that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

So pack your shorts, binoculars and get ready to be transported to an adventure of a lifetime! The thrill of the Jungle Safari can only be experienced. It's tough to describe what sort of adventures await you when you're out there in the wild. An open jeep will take you deep in to the forest to give you the real life Jungle Book experience. You will be taken to Alikatta, a special central spot where the grasslands and open spaces make it easy to see the animals. One piece of advice, when in the tiger's territory, plays by his rules.

JackalThe largest concentration of herbivores in India is here in Pench. The animals to spot include the famous herds of Indian Bison, Sambar (antelope), Nilgai (Blue Bull), Chital (Spotted Deer) and sounders of Wild Boars, Wild Dogs and sometimes even Flying Squirrels. Also watch out for Black Bears, Jungle Cats and Jackals. The experts at the Pench Wildlife Safari have recorded a total of 260 different varieties of birds so keep an eye out for the Herons, Kingfishers, Parakeets and Drangos, Kingfisher, Peacock amongst others. But the real excitement will begin once you hear that first roar of the Majestic Tiger...

As a prey attention is high along the Pench River, Tiger usually inhabits frequents this belt. A Leopard though generally operates in the peripheral areas but is occasionally seen in the deep forest also. Jungle Cats are commonly seen. Leopard cats, small Indian Civets and Palm Civets are common but seen rarely.

Deer In Pench, Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai are commonly seen grazing on the open sites on roadsides and banks of river & reservoir. Jackals can be seen in search of food anywhere in the Park. Packs up to 15 of wild dog can be seen near Chhedia, Jamtara, Bodanala and Pyorthadi areas of the Reserve. Herds of Gaur can be spotted near streams and bamboo patches commonly in summer months. Sloth Beer occupies hilly, rocky out crops and favor mahul bel infested forest. Chnkara is present in very small numbers and is found in open areas around Turia, Telia and Dudhgaon villages.

Langoors are very common in Pench, whereas the Rhesus monkeys may be seen sporadically on the fringes. Pench boasts of more than 210 species of birds that include numerous migratory ones also. Generally seen are Peafowl, Red jungle Fowl, Crow Pheasant, Crimson Breasted Barbet, Red Vented Bulbul, Racket Tailed Drango, Magpie Robin and lesser Whistling Teal.

Do's & Don'ts of Jungle Safari:

  • Majestic TigerExploring the jungle always brings out several surprises for both the nature lover and explorer. But in our pleasure to explore the natural environs we sometimes forget that we have a responsibility to follow, to keep the environment clean.
  • While visiting any of the National Parks or Wildlife Sanctuaries of India you should keep in mind that they are protected areas under the Forest Department of India, so do not make a enthusiasm of in such activities that can go in opposition to the nature conservation programe of the forest department.
  • Please carry Earth color clothing to wear and Binoculars to closely capture the Wild in your eyes. Bright color Clothes and Mobile phones are not permitted in the forest.
  • When on your jungle tour just keep in mind that animals are not present natural habitats because it's their home, so do not upset them.
  • If you want to take photographs be alert of not disturbing the animals, keep in mind you are in their territory.

Jungle Safaris are conducted twice a day in the following zones of Pench National Park:

  • Touria (Pench MP)
  • Karmajhiri (Pench MP)
  • Sillari (Pench Maharashtra)
  • Khursapar (Pench Maharashtra)
  • Jhamtara (Pench MP)
  • Rukhad
  • Wolf Sanctuary - Night safari is also conducted at Wolf Sanctuary with prior permission

Visiting Hours for Safari (subject to change due to weather, season, sunrise and sunset timings) are as follows:

  • Morning Safari - 5:30 am to 10:30 am.
  • Afternoon Safari - 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
  • Night Safari – 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Open Jeeps are allowed with speed restriction to it.

Pench is perfectly poised to offer an experience that is both, authentic as well as unique with adventure. Our aim is to get to understand the wilderness better, to respect it, care for it and share it.